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Peter Burns, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Peter Burns is a 2018 graduate from Texas Chiropractic College, located in Houston, TX.  In addition to learning chiropractic adjusting techniques, he was also trained in Myofascial (MPS) release, Postural Corrective care and Bio-Mechanical Re-Education techniques.

Dr. Burns's love and passion for Chiropractic began in 2006, when he began receiving treatment for a back injury sustained while working construction. During his initial Chiropractic treatments he began to learn about the body’s ability to heal itself, when the body and spine are put back into position through Chiropractic care.  Along with this new knowledge, Dr. Burns realized that Chiropractic was the career he desired. His Philosophy pertaining to restoring patients health and Optimal Function is all in the name of his newly launched Chiropractic business, Functional AIM Chiropractic. located in the Aspire Wellness Centre. Married since 2005, Dr. Burns and his lovely wife Katrina are blessed with 5 children.​


Katrina "Trina" Burns

COO for Functional AIM Chiropractic

Trina has always had a passion for helping others.  She enjoys seeing their patients make changes every day in order to improve their health, watching amazing transformations both physically and mentally.  Her main goal is to help people feel better.  Working alongside her husband, they are making an impact with their patients on not only a musculoskeletal level, but also on a cellular level. The wife of Dr. Peter Burns, and blessed to be the mother of five incredible children, she continues to learn every day. The truest blessing for her is watching them make their place in the world, so they can change it for the better.

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